Send Word document as email body

I already explained how to send emails automatically, but didn’t really focus on the content of the email. That is probably biggest problem of this method followers. In this article I’m going to show You how to cope with such issue and send Word document as email body.

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Replace double angle quote problem

Until recently, I was not even aware of various quotation marks such as double angle quote. In today’s article, we will discuss the replace function and problems that can be caused by a simple attempt to replace double angle quote with standard Word settings.

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Find word and get its paragraph number from Word file

If You want to learn how to find a word or phrase in Word file and get its paragraph or word number stay here, You’ve come to the right place!

Find word and get its paragraph number from Word file
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Find a phrase in Word and Adobe files

I just got an idea to make a little searcher, I mean the tool to search through and find a word, or whole phrase, in Word or Adobe files.

Let’s imagine the situation: You’ve got folder with procedures. Lot’s of procedures. Some of them are Word file (.doc, .docx etc.) and some of them in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf). You want to find procedure, which is about something, but don’t really remember which one was it. The only thing You remember is that, for sure, there were some specific words. So… lets get started!

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