How to download file from URL?

Until now I was only writing about HTTP methods, but did not really describe the final trick to download the file from URL. In today’s article I want to present You and compare two methods of downloading files from URL – URLDownloadToFile function and saving byte array to file method.

How to download file from URL URLDownloadToFile
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How to create XmlHttpRequest summary report

Last time I showed You how to download files using function URLDownloadToFile and XmlHttpRequest. In this article I am going to show You, what You can add into old code from previous post to create XmlHttpRequest summary report.

XmlHttpRequest summary report
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WinHttp Request – get your site status

If You want to check if link is still active, You will just click it and see if site is online. But what should You do if You got 1000 links to check? Or more? In this article I’ll show You how to use WinHttp Request to get your site status.

WinHttp Request - get your site status
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