How to screen capture of active application?

Last time I showed You how to make preview of a PDF file. Unfortunately that method puts whole file into your worksheet. In case of big size, it increases a lot the workbook weight. In this article I’m going to show You how to make it easier and lighter by screen capture of active application.

Screen capture of active application
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Find a phrase in Word and Adobe files

I just got an idea to make a little searcher, I mean the tool to search through and find a word, or whole phrase, in Word or Adobe files.

Let’s imagine the situation: You’ve got folder with procedures. Lot’s of procedures. Some of them are Word file (.doc, .docx etc.) and some of them in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf). You want to find procedure, which is about something, but don’t really remember which one was it. The only thing You remember is that, for sure, there were some specific words. So… lets get started!

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