How to record macro in Excel?

You don’t have to know programming language to have your Excel tasks automated. Simply just record actions, which should be performed and launch it whenever You need. In this article I will show You how to record macro in Excel application.

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Download file using WinHttp & ADODB method

I already described 2 methods how to download file from URL in one of my old articles. They are really good, but not the only methods. In this article I’m going to present the way to download file using WinHttp & ADODB method.

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How to return a result from VBA function?

As You may know, in general in programming to return a result from function there is Return statement. Even Visual Basic has it. Unfortunately there is no such thing in VBA. In this article I’m going to show You how to return a result from VBA function.

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How to destroy Scripting Dictionary?

I love dictionaries! This is amazing object to create magical list of anything and to find any in just a second! But after they are not in use anymore, how to set them to nothing? How to destroy Scripting Dictionary?

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Google Chrome automation with Selenium Basic

In my previous article I showed You how to scrap websites using good old buddy Internet Explorer. It is ok, but in case of more complex Java Script frontend sites our good old buddy might be not enough. In this post I will show You what You need to do to create web automation using Chrome with Selenium Basic.

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