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Tomasz Płociński

My name is Tomasz Płociński and I’m VBA Developer. I create new tools and maintenance existing ones for daily office tasks. Mainly working in Excel environment, also with Outlook, Word, SAP and other applications.

I started to work with VBA as a maintenance engineer in production company. Just wanted to make my work easier by daily reports automation. I had some episodes with VBA earlier – during my studies, but that were some small issues. Now I’m doing what I really like.

I started this blog to share my ideas, solutions and approaches in VBA. From my experience, I know how hard it is sometimes to solve the case, to write a code or find that one function, which solve the problem. Sometimes You need some other perspectives for your task, so welcome. I’m here for You!

You can find me on StackOverflow or contact me via form.

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