Native Microsoft Windows dialogs in SAP

In one of my articles I showed You how to turn off the pop up message boxes in Accessibility & Scripting options , but didn’t really describe about the 3rd checkbox below Enable scripting. In this article I’m going to show You how Show native Microsoft Windows dialogs works in SAP.

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How to get rid of SAP scripting pop ups?

Everyone, who launched macro connecting SAP for the first time, have encountered this. Those 2 pop ups are destroying the idea of automation. You can’t record them and don’t know how to avoid them. In this article I’m going to present how to turn off SAP scripting pop ups.

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Customize your VBA editor (VBE)

Probably the most annoying thing in VBA coding is that the editor (VBE) looks like the time stopped for him a while ago. Unfortunately it is true in some case, because as far as I know Microsoft stopped to support VBA in 2008, but officially they did not say that until 2020. The case is not only the appearance, but most of all about functionality. In this article I’m going to present 5 VBE upgrades, which will customize your VBA editor to improve your user experience.

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Video tutorial: Store color property – array vs table speed comparison

Is it possible to store for example color property in VBA array? If yes, which approach is faster – array or standard Excel table?
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